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Marina supports bid to become Whale Heritage Site

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Contributed by Coral Sea Marina

THE WORLD Cetacean Alliance has developed a program to formally recognise and accredit destinations across the globe to become Whale Heritage Sites.

The initiative certifies destinations that support and demonstrate the importance of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in their ocean habitats.

The Whitsundays is currently a candidate site for this accreditation and if successful the region will become the first Whale Heritage Site in a World Heritage Area (the Great Barrier Reef).

As well as playing an active role on the steering committee for the Whitsunday Whale Heritage Site application, the team at Coral Sea Marina has taken its support one step further by becoming a Platinum Sponsor for the program.

Chair of the Whales of Whitsunday Steering Committee Olivia Brodhurst said: “As one of our sponsors, Coral Sea Marina joins this extraordinary journey and, through their dedication, we are committing to help preserve and celebrate the wonders of our Whitsundays’ Whales.”

The Whitsundays are striving to become the World’s first Whale Heritage Site within a World Heritage Area.

The Whales of the Whitsundays committee’s commitment to preserving and respecting this critical birthing habitat is unwavering, ensuring that generations to come can marvel at the beauty and grace of humpback whales in their most vulnerable and intimate moments. 

Ms. Brodhurst continued: “Our sponsors make these awe-inspiring moments possible, fostering a deep connection between nature, those who seek unforgettable marine experiences and the historical deep First Nations cultural connections of the land and sea country of the oldest culture on earth.”

The shallow protected waters of the Whitsunday Islands are a unique haven where these majestic marine giants choose to bring new life into the world.

These shallow waters create the perfect nursery to cradle the precious moments of birth for the humpback whales, travelling thousands of kilometres to the heart of the Great Barrier Reef for this captivating natural spectacle to unfold. 

Head of marketing and business development Joscelyn O’Keefe explained the reason for the marina’s support of this Whale Heritage Site program application.

“Many of our marina guests and visitors come to the Whitsundays purely to experience the natural wonders of the ocean” she said.

“Seeing the majestic humpback whales nurture their young through the warm water of the Whitsundays is a truly a life-changing experience and one which will remain with you forever.

“We feel strongly that the region attaining the Whale Heritage Site accreditation will benefit not only the animals themselves but also will continue to provide further opportunities for visitors to enjoy them sustainably in their natural environment.”

Whale Heritage Sites are vital to encouraging human-cetacean coexistence and the program promotes responsible whale watching giving people the opportunity to enjoy these majestic creatures in their natural environment, knowing the negative impacts on animals are being minimised and mitigated.

To learn more about Whale Heritage Sites visit https://whaleheritagesites.org

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