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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Must read

I NORMALLY turn my attention to what’s in the national news when I write this column but it was so boring this morning…

Yes, we know the cost of food is going up (the supermarkets are apparently ending their price freezes on a range of items) and we all know Prince Harry is releasing a book (if I see one more interview trailer, I’m going to scream…).

And as for yet another photo from the shocking helicopter crash, last week, on the Gold Coast – it’s getting a bit much.

The pics have been submitted by survivors but, survivors or not, there’s a journalistic code that prevents the showing of images deemed to be ‘upsetting’ for the reader/viewer.

I know January is a ‘quiet’ news month – parliament is not sitting, people are on holiday etc. – but come on TV news journos, you can do better!

Back home

If you’ve never been to the Bowen Community Markets, then do yourself a favour.

Held every Sunday morning, under lovely, shady trees in Hansen Park, along the foreshore, they are a delight.

It is a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, while taking a stroll at the same time!

See photos page 19 of this newspaper.


It appears our little piece of paradise is not immune to acts of vandalism, more often associated with the ‘big cities’.

In a shocking act of senseless idiocy, teenagers trashed the council Christmas tree and also the toilets on the Airlie Foreshore, on Wednesday night – see our story page 3.

Youth crime has been very much in the headlines recently and it is something most people are aware of. However, it feels a lot different when it actually comes to ‘our town’.

The topic has raised keen interest from WN readers, with a letter from KAP deputy leader Nick Dametto appearing on our letters page, in the January 4, 2023, issue; and a letter in response to Mr Dametto’s letter appearing this week (see page 6).

They are two interesting standpoints and demonstrate that there is no easy answer or ‘quick fix’ to an endemic problem.

As always, thanks for reading this newspaper.


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