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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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I AM FEELING a real sense of optimism and positivity in the air, at the moment.

Sure, we had the wet weather two weeks ago – and we might get more – but that’s living in the tropics!

Overall, I feel as if people – and businesses – just want to get on with it.

We all know the past two to three years have been tough – odd, in fact – but the world seems to have accepted that we can’t stray cocooned forever and we have emerged into 2023 like butterflies!

People are now travelling all over the place, both domestically – which is great for us – and internationally (not so great for us but we can – and will – compete with overseas destinations).

Bonza good time

One very positive thing for the Whitsundays is that Bonza Airlines has started up – see story page 1.

Their strategy is to service under-serviced regions, so it’s great for Whitsunday residents who want to visit family and friends in more ‘out of the way’ places.

Jump on their app to take advantage of their opening flight specials!

In other news…

If you feel like kicking up your heels and having a good time (and who doesn’t?) it’s the Filby’s Mahindra Bowen Race Day this Friday, February 3.

It looks like it’s going to be a great day – see stories page 4 and page 21.

And it’s a great opportunity to put your ‘glad rags’ on and step out in style.

Pineapple punch anyone?

Talking of opportunities, if you like pineapple, now’s your chance!

Queensland’s pineapple industry has grown such a bumper crop, apparently, that there is a serious risk of tonnes of the quirky-looking fruit going to waste (did you know it’s a bromeliad?).

The government is calling on Queenslanders to add Queensland pineapples to their shopping list, to ‘back’ our Queensland farmers.

I just googled it and you can make pineapple sorbets, punches, cheese cakes and even fried rice!  

As always, thanks for reading this newspaper.


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