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Zero Waste Whitsundays: Beat the heat!

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By Co-Founders Karen Jacobsen & Lucy Smith

Cooking When It is Hot Hot Hot

When we are in the height of summer temperatures, having the oven on is a one-way train to heats-ville. Here are some low energy, low heat ways to prepare delicious meals.

1. Slow Cooker

Not just for soups or heavy winter dishes, when you would like to keep the kitchen cooler, use your slow cooker on low from 11am and your meal can be ready by dinner time. Alternatively, on high is a great way to make any dish that would be prepared on the stove; a curry, a chili or a bolognaise sauce are some of our go-tos.

2. Air Fryer

Air Fryers have taken off in popularity in Australia and there are many online groups with recipe ideas. We like to use a liner, whether it be silicon or paper.

Roasted vegetables, and in particular fried potato, are a well loved use of the air fryer, but the possibilities are not limited to your favourite chips. The difference in the temperature in the kitchen is epic. If you are in the market for one, consider a stainless steel model.

3. Barbecue

Aussies have made the barbecue their superpower, and it is no wonder when summer kicks in. There is nothing better than having the heat and the mess contained to the outside.

The volume of dishes that can be prepared on the barbie is impressive: Bread, pizza and all of the traditional favourites. If you are managing the distribution of household work within your family, the use of the barbecue can lead to everyone participating in the preparation of dinner. We love this.

4. Bonfire

Maximize your efficiency by tidying up your yard and collecting garden debris, and cooking dinner for that evening at the same time by using a dutch oven outside.

Disclaimer: Pay close attention to ensure you are following fire regulations in your area. Dutch ovens are good value from camping stores or second-hand stores/online, and open up a whole new world for cooking bread, stews and roasts.


Skip the Cooking Altogether – Treat the family with a fresh, raw meal of salads galore with bonus points if the ingredients come from your very own garden.

Join us for a year of making life run more smoothly @zerowastewhitsundays on FB and Insta.

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